Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It has been fun to see all of your comments on my blog.....I hate to admit this, but this could actually be fun! I have to figure out how to download more pictures...this is not so easy if you are me, just ask Bubba. She had to figure out what the heck I did when I set up my blog and then had it stuck somewhere in cyber-space. I guess all is well that ends well....right? I hope to get better at this and Gavin hopes I get a better picture of him on the blog....he says he looks drunk....whatever. Well, to all of those fellow-bloggers out there....cheers!


Some snapshots of our evening at the pumpkin farm. We had great time. The boys picked some awesome pumpkins and we even got a family shot!

Karate Kid

This was Tanner's evaluation for his gold belt. He did a great job and loves this sport!

Tanner goes Orange!

Tanner goes Orange!

School Days

School Days
I'm ready to go to school everyone!


Gavin's first day at "real" Junior High. He is going to Willowcreek Jr. Tanner and Landen are still going to Lakeview Academy. They are all excited about this new year. Should be Great!

Tanner is now an orange belt. His test was great. He still loves karate and we look forward to the next cool color. Go Tanner!

Preston is off to school

Preston is off to school
Preston's first day of preschool at Little Scholars Academy. This is the third year we have tried to have him attend preschool. He has always gotten sick and had too many hospitalizations to be in school. I guess they say that the "Third time is a charm!" We are hoping for this. He loves going to school. His teacher's name is Mrs. Cluff. Landen had her also and really loved her. Preston is so fun, he runs the whole way there with Gil. He sings great songs about everything from colors to numbers. He knows his letters and loves to write his name. He loves to write any word that people will spell for him.

What a face!

Gil decided to put in a water feature in our yard this summer. Preston LOVED playing in the huge pile of dirt that arrived at our house. He was so dirty that I had to get it on film.

First Tooth

Before and after picture of Landen and the loss of his first tooth. He was very brave, eventhough it required more of a tug than we initially thought.

Summer Hail Storm

We were working out in the yard (I guess I should be honest and say Gil was working out in the yard!) and the rain and hail came down in buckets. The kids had fun running out and grabbing big pieces of ice. This picture shows one that Tanner picked up. Crazy, eh?


Preston and Landen love to bathe in the "cacuzzi". They get the bubbles really going with the jets. Whatever.....as long as they get clean!


Pictures of the boys in their swimming lessons. We have had the same great teacher for 10 years. No, it hasn't taken them 10 years to learn to swim! She started with Gavin when he was 3 and they continued in her strokes class for exercise. They have a great time!